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Attention Kingdom Entrepreneur!
Have you tried the “secret” sayings and mantras of the gurus, yet it left you without tangible results?

Have you spend hundreds of hours trying to manifest a better life or a better business, yet you left feeling duped and foolish in the end because very little changed?

I know how you feel. I felt the exact same way for many years too trying everything under the sun, trying subconscious programming and mind control tactics only to feel empty, spiritually bankrupt and emotionally defeated.

It's true indeed that life and death is in the power of the tongue and if we were to align ourselves with the Kingdom principles outlined in Scripture and began to affirm these will proper application, everything else will be added to us.

So, let me help you break through the rut as Kingdom Affirmations is your everyday guide to producing real, visible, and substantial results!

This book explains what truly works in the Kingdom and the first and most critical steps to prosper in your assignment in the marketplace.

Mentor, coach, marketing expert and author Christopher S. Harold unveils the techniques and principles that actually unlock the favor of God by actually doing what God has outlined for us to do already.

Enter into an exciting place where you will discover that the conditioning from parents, family, friends, society, schools, and even the church has kept you from becoming the person God has spoken you to be.

So if you're ready to begin to unlock favor in your life and business, go ahead and complete the action taker form and I'll get this out to you!
Are you aware that statistics say that if you listen to an audiobook while reading the physical book, you retain it 7 times more than just reading or listening alone?
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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
In Kingdom Affirmations, Chris Harold provides insight into the use of affirmations to identify and develop one’s Kingdom identity and get it deep within our hearts where our lives are transformed. Combining verbalization and visualization techniques, he combines two powerful spiritual techniques to deposit Kingdom principles in our hearts and reprogram the old limiting beliefs we allowed ourselves to believe. 

With each affirmation, he provides a scriptural basis and an explanation to the importance of the affirmation. If you are looking for Kingdom marketing secrets for the entrepreneurial ideas that will propel you into the success you’ve always dreamed of, you have found the right book!

- Jeff Ahern, President, Sozo Services, Inc.

Christopher Harold’s Kingdom Affirmations was exactly what I was looking for! It’s not only an easy read but also a good source for motivation and inspiration for anyone looking for spiritual affirmations that are aligned with Kingdom principles and scripturally supported. The author’s willingness to be candid and transparent with his personal examples allows for a relatable transformation. 

 Chris’s enlightening affirmations and thoughts about each affirmation not only challenges mindsets but also encourages the reader to go beyond just verbalizing but also visualizing them. This is a book you will want to refer to daily for encouragement and inspiration until the affirmations are reality.

- Glorieta Robinson, The Real Relationship Connection Inc.

Christopher Harold’s literary composition Kingdom Affirmations  is nothing short of masterful. The marriage between God’s spiritual infusion and our practical calling in the natural is perfectly outlined and implanted as a reminder that God is fully ingrained in all aspects of our lives. Chris orchestrates a strategy to get the most out of our pursuits by ensuring that our endeavors coincide with the will of God.

Chris’ writing style is fresh and contemporary while his thoughts are well conceptualized, paradoxical, and contextual. Seldom does one find a book that blends the principles of spiritual and earthly living in such a compelling and relevant way. We are indebted to Chris for his literary and spiritual insight which is undeniably reflected in this multifaceted body of work!

- Edward Williams, Founder of Kenya Lend a Hand Global Ministries
What People Are Saying About "KINGDOM AFFIRMATIONS" On..
Here's What You'll Discover Inside Kingdom Affirmations:
  • How to know your true identity in Christ
  • What you speak over your life determines what you manifest
  • The truth about the barriers that religion, the church, society and others have put on you
  • Why your current methods to create success and breakthroughs are failing
  • How to eliminate the poverty mindset for good
  • Where to find God’s best for you
  • What you should never pray for
  • The fastest way to prosper in the Kingdom and it’s not what you think or have been told
  • What your assignment and purpose is on Earth
  • What to do if you believe the lies about you to be true
  • The first and most critical steps to prosper in the marketplace
  • The secret of King Solomon and what very few Believers know and understand in Christ
  • Say goodbye to crippling limited beliefs
  • What truly works in the Kingdom
  • Why God wants you to succeed more than you do
  • And so much more...


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I love giving back to Kingdom Entrepreneurship where I thoroughly believe that God wants all his sons and daughters to prosper. 

I know that if you implement what I share in this book, it will radically transform your life and business like what happened for me. 

Even if you never work with me long-term, the value you'll get out of this book will be astronomical and I don't want you to have to continue struggling to do things that do not work. I've been there, business is hard without the right strategy. 

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- Chris

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About The Author

CHRISTOPHER S. HAROLD is a husband, father of three, Kingdom entrepreneur, online marketing expert, consultant, speaker, author, licensed minister, award-winning music producer and rapper.

He has been featured on television programs, documentaries, radio shows and podcasts from all over the globe.

He is the founder of God's Masterpiece Rapid Success System (One of the Fastest Growing Communities of Kingdom Entrepreneurs Today),  The Kingdom Marketing Secrets Podcast and the Money and Marketing Masterclass, Get Visible With Virtual and Get More Clients Masterclasses which have been dubbed "The Entrepreneurs Church"

He helps Christ-Centered coaches, consultants and experts go from overworked, overwhelmed, and under-performing to enjoying a full sales pipeline and more revenue in order to fulfill their Kingdom assignment and create an eternal legacy using our God’s Masterpiece Rapid Success System. 

Like I mentioned before, this book is discounted at 45% off plus I'm throwing in 5 Exclusive Bonuses you only get from my site here for FREE! 

Are you aware that statistics say that if you listen to an audiobook while reading the physical book, you retain it 7 times more than just reading or listening alone? 

If you want the amazing audiobook or Kindle (PDF) version, I also have it for sale for a small fee once you put your details by clicking the button below...
Christopher is one of the most authentic and godly men I know. His heartbeat for the Kingdom shines through every page of this book. I've known him through seasons low and high and one common thread connects them together - his overwhelming dedication to seeing the Kingdom of Heaven expand through Kingdom Entrepreneurship.

He has a deep knowledge of marketing, offer creation, and positioning that any serious Kingdom Entrepreneur can benefit from. I've seen him help business owners to massively multiply their business through his unique coaching systems. In this book,  Kingdom Affirmations, you'll find breakthrough for your Kingdom perspective, strategy for your Kingdom business, and a fresh revelation of God's plan and will for your life. I wholeheartedly endorse him and couldn't be more honored to call him a friend and colleague.

- Jake Marfoglia, Founder of Leader Launch 

Kingdom Affirmations is very inspirational. It is a great resource for entrepreneurs that are looking to operate their business in the manner that Kingdom citizens are called to do business.

 The affirmations in this book are easy to understand and profound at the same time.
 Thank you for writing this book Christopher!

- Elisa DeJesus
Kingdom Affirmations is a go-to source for every Kingdom Entrepreneur. Every affirmation is biblically-based, so you know that God is in the midst. These affirmations will broaden your perspective and allow you to see an opportunity within every situation.

 God Bless you Chris!!!!!!

 - Earl T. Murray III, The Entrepreneur’s Accountants

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